Self-Titled Debut Album Out 2/12


It's been quite the journey. Two years of fumbling around in the dark, not knowing what the hell I was doing when it comes to releasing an album, and finally, though rather glacially, figuring it out. I'm proud to announce an official release date for the debut self-titled Mansuit album– FRIDAY, February, 12th.

This LP contains 11 songs, well above the legal limit of emotions, and traces of several failed relationships. In some ways it's a coming of age story, starting with a very idealistic, dream-like move to Los Angeles and ending with the realization that dreams, though vital, are not alone enough to sustain a life. By the 48th minute, I hope to communicate a certain acknowledgement that we all too often become entrapped by our own visions of what our lives could be, that holding on to what isn't there can be horribly toxic to a person's soul, and that letting go—being strong enough to know when it's time to move on— is no easy feat for a stubborn, and nostalgic person like me, but something that must be done. 

I'm so damn excited to share where I've been, and to keep moving forward into the unknown. Incredibly thankful for those that choose to join me.

Check out the album artwork  & first single 'Let My Eyes Adjust' Now.


Album Cover Final 1-25.jpg

First Single 'Let My Eyes Adjust' Drops Today

'LET MY EYES ADJUST', the first single from my debut album is finally out on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud! It's step one in a series of steps that will hopefully turn me into Adele (but like, don't hold me accountable to that).

This Song is Inspired by the gorgeous, anxious mess known as Los Angeles and the gorgeous, anxious person that I fell in love with briefly when I first moved to the city.

A special thanks to Mark Mathias (drums), Steven Randal (electric guitar), Matt Twain (synth), and Bill Walsh (recording engineer), the ridiculously talented musicians who helped make this song a reality.

'Take It All' on iTunes & Spotify Now

If two years ago, someone told me that I was going to release an electronic/R&B song, I would have politely told them that they were nuts. Flash forward to today, and now “Take It All” has become my first ever song to be released on iTunes and Spotify.

I'm starting to realize that Clumsily attempting to predict the future is Pretty useless. Time expands the mind, perspectives change. I can honestly say that two years ago, I would never have been able to write a love song that ended happy-ish (improvement!). Nor would I have come up with a truly danceable melody (luckily, I had The Fortune Teller to collaborate with, which helped a lot). So, I'm thinking that maybe it's better to embrace the unknown and just go with it, in music and in all things, instead of getting stuck in the confines of your own predictions. Though my album will be a return to form and feature the folk rock/singer-songwriter sound that I’ve come to claim as my own, it’s nice to know that there are still many stones left unturned, and tricks that I don't even know I have up my sleeve.

A big thank you to all who have listened, bought and shared today. Tonight I’m going to dance to my own damn song for once, and I hope you’re dancing right there with me.